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Important Information:

Finally a Touch Smartphone with a usable keyboard...

Development and production of plastic parts require a particular know-how in various fields. Constin integrates this know-how in a sole company and thereby relieves the customer from the utilazation of partial services.

We guarantee the final results -
and not only partial performances.

The main advantage for our customers is the optimal planning reliability and clearness regarding costs, results and termination. Constin was established 1989 as the successor of the one-man-business since 1984. Right from the get-go thermoplastics have been focussed upon. In consequence of broad customer's structure we have gained sophisticated experiences. Our transnational partnerships with mould and series production have grown together to a successful network of capable and reliable experts.

Constin is today in the centre of this structure being able to run complex projects: quickly and efficiently.

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